Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some spiritual thoughts!

As you might have seen in many places, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life" !. You get happiness by leading an effective life. So the question is how can we lead an effective life? . One of the way is to look is at the people you consider who successfully leading a good life. Will money help?

You need money for food, shelter, transportation, enjoyment and other basic necessities. Any extra money you have may not bring happiness (You agree?) 

If you ask the richest person in the area, he or she still needs more money to do more things. Collecting more money is a never ending process. So money will not bring happiness or satisfaction.

I always thought about creating a start-up business (I did it once and still thinking!) however will establishing a business and bringing additional money and comfort bring you happiness ? 

If your family is not happy then you can't be happy in home. If your team members are not happy then you can't be happy in office!. 

How to lead an effective life ?
The first question is are you independent or are you depend on others to live?  Any job you do is to serve others and we must need support from family and community. Without family or community one can not survive, however the question is - Are you blaming others for your life misfortunes? I became a software engineer because of my mom!. I can't live a good life because of my wife/husband?  Example: wife/husband is irritating me so I can't relax in my home!  

One must be truly independent, don't blame others for your life. You decide what to do in your life and how to lead your life. 

I recently read a book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change" by 
Stephen R. Covey. He explains that all problems that are experienced by individuals fall into one of three categories, which are direct control, indirect control, or no control.

The problems that are classified under direct control are the problems that involve our own behavior. The problems classified as indirect control and no control encompasses problems that we can do nothing about. We always worry about the issues that are outside our control.

Even though issues arise outside your control, the response to the events are your choice. 

I read about one incident where a group of girls and boys visited a library. As they were settling around a table, one cockroach suddenly dropped on one of the girls. The girl got panic and shouted. The cockroach jumped on to another girl. As they were all shouting panicking the librarian approached. He calmly took the cockroach using a towel and placed in the trash bag.

You can't control the incidents in your life; however you can control your reaction to the incidents. 

I read an article by Louis V. Gerstner. He is former CEO of IBM and the author of book "Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?"  As per, Louis, You need to think about this in your early career - "About 10 years from now, what do I want to spend my time on?". He planned for his retirement. He retired from IBM as CEO at age of 61 and is still active and pursuing his dreams.

How many of you (including myself) thought about what we should do after 10 years? or during the retirement ? We flow at the direction of the wind. Wherever wind takes us we go!.What I will be doing after 10 years ? or What I want to do after 10 years?. I am going to give a serious thoughts and work towards the end goal. 

You decide your future. You are independent. There are things that you can't control such as a war or natural calamities such as tornado; however what you can control is your response.

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