Saturday, September 8, 2012


 Webmethod is not a product; it contains a group of products.  Will webmethod better than Oracle SOA Suite and Service bus for creating services ?? Webmethod do not support BPEL. Software AG believes BPMN is the future. !!
Main Webmethod containers:
  • Webmethod integration Server - It is a Tomcat Container. Provide similar functionality as Oracle SOA or Service bus.  Webmethod DSP (Dynamic Server Pages) is similar to JSP. Integration server provide transformation and translation service. Development is done on the server itself! It has lock and unlock functionalities similar to check in and checkout.
Example of a service is "shipping", "billing" etc. Service is different from business process. Service is similar to java class. 
One of available service is “Flow Service” - GUI available such as "repeat", "Flow", "Sequence (Arrange and group together)", "loop", etc for transformation and translation.
  • Webmethod broker - Messaging platform. Publish subscribe. (No programming) use Designer for change. Write trigger service to subscribe it from broker.
  • My WebMethod Server - Portal container. It manages all Webmethod products. Have default Portlets for many WebMethod products. My WebMethod server is responsible for administering all WebMethod products. A Single GUI to administer all WebMethod products.
  • Central site is similar to Registry and repository.
  • Webmethod designer IDE is based on Eclipse - Can create Portlets and BPM.  To create web services use development tool: Webmethod Developer.
One of the advantage of WebMethod is it automatically create a script and image file during the install which allow administrators to install further installs from the original installation.
Software AG market Webmethod product. Broker is written in C language. Other Webmethod products are written in java. Broker clustering is complicated. My WebMethod server is used for administering Integration server and other products. Designer is used for creating Portlets.
Designer is nothing but an eclipse IDE with ads on.
Webmethod uses Terracotta or coherence for clustering!  I am not sure how to monitor of the services in WebMethods. All we could see the audit feature. Trading network can use for monitoring all the services. It is a B2B component.  
Software AG Webmethod BPM Suite consists of the following:
  • Webmethod integration server, MWS, Analytical Engine. Webmethod Designer, Rules Engine is an added product with Webmethod 8.
Central site and ARIS process governance (Work flow engine used between ARIS and Integration server) product are separate products. Central site and ARIS process governance is used for syncing process models between ARIS and Integration server. The license is included as part of the BPM Suite licensing.
Integration server has a process engine. MWS has a task engine. Prediction engine and Web service data collector are also included, Webmethod broker. Mash Zone is a separate product for creating dashboards (
Governance product is not part of BPM Suite. Software AG partner with FICO and providing a rule/decision engine as part of Webmethod 8.
 ARIS 7.2 new version has the feature of import and export functionality.
IT has a scheduler available to pick up the files. Use fully qualified name of the service for scheduling. All the services in Webmethod integration server is web service. You can create WSDL file and invoke it. 
By using adaptors, integration server is used to integrate multiple systems. E.g. Integrate with mainframe, database, JMS, SAP etc.
Webmethod can pull file from another server or accept the file via http port.  Integration server can be in DMZ, but recommended way is to have one integration server in DMZ and configure reverse HTTP Gateway server configuration and have one Integration server in Secured network.


  1. which is better web methods or oracle soa?

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